Red carpet time, folks.

12 months later …. and now in one Monster Montage are all 365 cups and a few extras, in just one minute. Here it is…

Please don’t blink. You’ll miss a week.

Which one catches your eye?

I’ve reflected already: here, on the Cup 365 Post.

What it boils down to is this:

Make something often. Every day if you can.

Let it out into the world.
Think, but don’t overthink. It really works.

Thank yous:

Noah & Mica Scalin and their awesome Creative Sprint concept.
Hugely inspiring and talented people.
Buy their books. Do what they say.
They know what they are talking about.
It works. What else can I say?

My family and friends: for laughter (but not laughing), giving me space, joining-in and noticing the positive changes.

The lovely #SundayGuestCup gang – when I found myself flagging a little, half-way through the project, in the deep midwinter, it was collaborating and involving others which provided the necessary spark to keep it all going. You can check out their very own montage right here.

The Making of…that Monster Montage 365 video.

I made a few attempts to stitch together the many, many cups I have made made over the course of this project.

Irritating things like file sizes, uploads, downloads, photo-sharing snafus, the mysteries of iCloud syncing, head hitting keyboard, slightly flakey freemium apps, disappointing in-app upgrades, ugly watermarks, a shortage of patience and skill. All of these things, got in the way.

What you need in this situation is someone to help you. Someone that knows exactly what they are doing. Someone kind. With a big computer and some proper software.

I was fortunate enough to find that person in the awesome #CreativeSprint community.

Thank you Shellifor stepping in and helping. You rock.

I love how this video turned out ♥️.

And this link takes you to another version, longer with a more relaxed pace. Best served with tea or coffee.

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