Cup 364 of 365. 31 May, 2017.


Prompt: Freeze Time.

Anyone who has read my blog posts will know of my (not uncommon) discomfort with selfies. Here I am, frozen in time, on a train to Eastbourne to commence a family walking holiday.

Two months before the end of the project I was on a huge high. The ideas kept coming like a waterfall and I couldn’t contemplate finishing. This project could run and run. Then, in the final month, something changed. I was ready to stop and move on. However, reaching the penultimate day of the project, there was a tinge of regret and sadness that the new cup creations were about to come to an end.

Prepare yourself for this unexpected feeling when you finish this type of project and do have a nice treat up your sleeve. For me, going and spending time outdoors with family and getting away from it all was the perfect ending. Better than stopping, holding one’s breath and waiting for a fanfare that might never come.