Cup 360 of 365. 27 May, 2017.


Prompt: make a city.

I first got back into art and making through rubber stamping. Stamps are very tactile objects and extremely forgiving if you are taking tentative steps back into making things. You can produce something with a very hand-made artisanal feel, without exposing the stark realities of your wobbly hand and forgetful grip on the laws of perspective.

If I’m not wrong, these come from a beautiful collection of urban stamps made by Yellow Owl Workshop, which I have had for ages. That morning, in a philosophical mood, I was thinking about how many cups at that very moment were being consumed all around London and in other cities in the world. We think of electricity and other energy sources powering the cities, but we also owe a big debt to tea and coffee for our productivity (and a bit of procrastination). There’s a hint of the Supertramp album cover for ‘Breakfast in America’ on my image but with far less detail and attempts at airbrushed photorealism.

I’d recently visited the Royal Academy to see the America After theFall exhibition, which had transferred from the Art Institute of Chicago. I had a been very taken by the work of Stuart Davis and the urban scenes he created. So, this piece and the colouring is partly inspired by his work and a reimagining of commercial art of the 1930s in a new and darkening age of austerity.