Cup 358 of 365. 25 May, 2017.


Prompt: design a book jacket.

If you are over the age of 35 and have been touched by the British education system for young children in any way, you will know exactly what this is and be familiar with the source material. If you are younger, you will be more familiar with the recent collection of spoof ladybird books that were brought out to mock various aspects of modern British society.

The originals have a lot of mid-century charm, along with a quite old-fashioned lens on life, some very questionable gender politics and a hazy grasp of fashion. Ladybird books are all about encouraging children to read (assimilating key words) and learning about the fascinating world of ‘Trains’, ‘Trees’ or anything a copywriter could eeek out a few hundred words about on a factual topic, accompanied by full-plate colour pictures.

So, my copy of ‘Understanding Cups’ was an amalgam of a couple of different out of print books and there at the bottom left you can see the ruddy cheeks of iconic sibling duo ‘Peter and Jane’

We like cups” said Jane.

Jane is helping mummy to make the tea.

“Come in from the garden, Peter. Come in and wash your hands,” calls Mummy.

“We like cups” say Daddy and Peter.