Cup 356 of 365. 23 May, 2017.


Prompt: Use chocolate.

This was a leftover Easter egg, which I co-opted into today’s art challenge.

Actually, this is not one to dwell on. At around 10:30 on the previous evening before posting this originally (22 May 2017), a suicide bomber entered the foyer of the Manchester Arena, just as crowds were leaving an Ariana Grande concert. His device exploded with devastating effect on the young concert goers and tragically, families who had come to collect their children. Very sad.

In the days that followed this tragic atrocity, it was very positive to see the healing reaction from a strong Northern city.

A stirring performance of his poem This is the Place by Tony “Longfella” Walsh at the vigil; a lone woman singing “Don’t Look Back in Anger” at the St Ann’s Square memorial, are just two of the examples of how people took immediate comfort by using art.

We live in troubling times and need to find ways to challenge hideous behaviour and acts inspired by hate. Art can help us achieve this.