Cup 342 of 365. 9 May, 2017.

Prompt: Create evidence for an event that DID NOT happen.

At the outset of the #Make365 I wasn’t sure whether I would have the stamina or the time to make it through a whole year. Yet, after completing the first 30 days, my resolve became firm. It was imperative that I completed it and I didn’t want to give up. I gave myself some concessions and leeway. But, I was determined to make and share 365 pieces of cup-shaped art on 365 consecutive days. Having got to day 342, with the end in sight, it became clear that I was going to finish the challenge.

However, I couldn’t have started the entire challenge without a safety net of some kind, so around Day 3, I created a series of 10 ‘contingency cups’. I ended up using less than half of these over the 365 days, but it was helpful to have them there in the background, just in case, for whatever reason I was unable to work or post on time, on any given day. Here they are in their unedited form…