Cup 339 of 365. 6 May, 2017.


Prompt: make an anamophic image

The #Make365 allowed me to develop a lot of new skills along the way. So, I taught myself how to make an anamorphic image using a couple of YouTube videos.

Here are the behind the scenes shots and tips of how to make an anamorphic cup yourself, the analogue way without photoshop or other digital wizardry. It’s pretty satisfying.

  1. Use google to find a printable grid to make an anamorphic picture.
  2. Draw a normal picture on to the grid. Tall thin images work best.
  3. Transpose this image onto standard squared paper, using the co-ordinates from the skewed perspective version.

4. The new image can then be traced onto your final material. Notice how the top part of the image is exaggerated in size, as the proportions change.

5. Add detail to your image (colouring/shading), then cut away the top half of the background.

When photographed from different angles, the image starts to take on 3D features.

6. Add further detail and shading to enhance the 3D attributes, e.g. the shadow it casts on a flat surface.

…Et voila…

A 2D cup looks like a cup standing on a tray.