Cup 336 of 365. 3 May, 2017.


Prompt: censor something.

The prompt also asked you to look out for people’s reactions after you shared your censored piece. This was interesting, as I think the pixellation worked as a form of click-bait, and I achieved a faster rate of ‘likes’ for this on Instagram compared to normal, when I posted originally. Which just shows you how people react to censorship and how it highlights things that might not otherwise cross-people’s radar. Yeah. All very, very interesting.

So, what is it and why did I censor this image?

  1. It’s a cup.
  2. Yes, but not quite … it’s a Glass cup.
  3. So, that means it’s not actually a cup at all.

I posted/ranted recently about my feelings re: glass cups on various occasions through my Make 365.

To recap:

  1. I do not approve of them!
  2. My comfort coffee of choice is a latte, which is constantly, constantly ruined by cafes who somehow believe it is the height of taste to serve lattes in ice-cream sundae glasses, with the stupid tiny little handles.
  3. It is not the height of taste. It is an abomination on mankind. And admittedly a first world problem; but still a problem, nonetheless.

Delving further back, I think my deep-seated hatred of glass-cups stems from three early 1980s sources.

1. Were you plagued by glass “vision pans“, that peculiar orange-tinted glassware and tableware?

2. Did you go on a Eurocamp holiday? (They were lovely, but the “in-tent” crockery situation was hard on the eye).

3. Worst of all: the occasional school dinner, made even worse by giving under 7s warm milky coffee (!) in that staple of institutional dining: stubby Duralex glasses.

Remember us?

That’s COFFEE, for infant school children.

Is this a false memory? Did I dream all of this, City of Salford local education authority? I don’t think I did.


So, this all compounded (very clearly) and resulted in my propensity to detest glass cups, which steers me to pro-ceramic coffee chains, or failing that take-away cups. Once bitten. Never forgotten. Yes, I do keep a list of no-go latte zones.

Going to the Netherlands is a veritable nightmare for this. You even get tea in glasses. Even tea with milk. Everywhere.

I found the weird Vision pans online. Someone out there is still manufacturing and buying these. Incredible!

Other great UK homeware crimes of the 1970s and 1980s.