Hi! I’m KL.McGhee. I live in London and I’m passionate about creativity.

In June 2016, I set myself a challenge to create a daily mini work of art each day for the next 365 days.

I selected a theme that I thought could be used day-in day-out for a whole year: Cups.

Using daily prompts from the brilliant “365 A Daily Creativity Journal” by Noah Scalin, I set forth on a creative journey.

I post each daily work of art on Instagram, along with my other interests and creative projects.

I’m using this blog to collate just the cups from my CupADay project: the stories and inspirations behind them. I hope that you enjoy reading about them.

If you’d like to stay in contact, probably the best way is to follow me on Instagram. My handle is @kl.mcghee.




Hmmm. Why should anyone subscribe? I’ve decided not to do site subscriptions, because I just can’t imagine that anyone really wants an annoying spam-ulous automated email, barking at them every time that there’s another cup to look at on here. 

This might change, when I have completed the 365-cycle and I have other, less frequent things to share.

In the meantime,  please follow @cupaday_365 this will give you an indication when there’s a new cup story or blog post to look at.


KL, London, December 2016


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