Day 252 of 365, 6 February 2017.


Prompt: inspired by a neglected corner in your home.

It’s good to take stock of ones possessions and how one spends one’s time. Looking back, this was, unexpectedly, a pivotal prompt for me and triggered me to re-evaluate some really important things.

This is what I wrote on the original Instagram post.

“I love books, but lately have spent more time than healthy grazing on social media feeds + reacting to horrors and bias, than making time to properly read, think, absorb and restore. That has got to stop now.

I greatly reduced my Facebook use in January 2017 and yesterday logged off from my phone app. Feels better already. Instagram feeds / connections continue to provide greater, brighter inspiration and food for the soul 👍. (Not too preachy, I hope).”

I’ve taken further steps since then, taking a digital break from my existing online commitments in August, allowing me to start some new personal projects. I have made so much space on my smartphone and made it run faster by DELETING the Facebook App altogether. I’ve read a lot more books this year and am tracking my progress on Good Reads.

One thing I would totally recommend if you are a Kindle User, particularly one, like me, who downloads samples is: Read the samples! Make a list of future possible purchases! De-prioritise the ones that don’t make your heart sing. Don’t hoard unread samples.<

Here’s another interesting article from Farnam Street about filter bubbles.< uite long but definitely worth your time.