Day 230 of 365, 15 January 2017.

Prompt: skipped. Made a playlist instead.

If I'm not wrong, this was a Sunday. Something I observed during the #make365 challenge is that it was so much easier to create on busy days where there was more structure. I began to find the weekends and Sundays in particular very challenging, as there were too many different competing demands on my time and a shortage of quiet personal headspace. I would find that I would get to Sunday evening and would still need to create something. It felt like I was getting behind before the week even started. It almost felt like the old teenaged Sunday night homework scenario. Not good.

So, here I doubled-up with a prompt on the daily #64millionartists January art challenge. That day's prompt was to make a playlist. I looked for songs which mentioned Cups, Tea, Coffee, Cafes etc and shared it on my Apple Music account.

It's still there – go and have a listen – search for "Cup FM" (try this link - if you are an Apple Music user). Or if you want to recreate your own version, here are the songs (I used it as a running soundtrack for a few weeks, intermingled with the OST from La La Land). Some of them were picked at random, but it works quite nicely.

  • Perpetuum Mobile – Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  • Coffee and TV – Blur
  • Tea for Two – Django Reinhardt
  • Cup of Tea – Kacey Musgrave
  • Cups – Anna Kendrick
  • Every Day Hurts – Sad Cafe
  • Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens
  • One more Cup of Coffee – Bob Dylan
  • So You Win Again – Hot Chocolate
  • La Vie En Rose – Beegie Adair
  • Tea – Penelope Isles
  • Iko Iko – The Dixie Cups
  • Tea for Two – Mantovani
  • Coffee – Madilyn Bailey
  • Cold Coffee – Ed Sheeran
  • Coffee – Yuna
  • Ballad of Sad Cafe – Chris Connor
  • Tea for Two – Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie
  • Cocktails for Two – Dizzy Gillespie
  • One for my baby – Frank Sinatra

There was a positive outcome from noticing this bump in my weekly productivity cycle. I decided that Sunday should become a day where I post an image from an invited guest, to give me that extra space in the week that I needed to stay motivated for the long-haul. You do what you can.