Day 227 of 365, 11 January 2017.

Prompt: transform a room.

It would have required a minor miracle to comply fully with this challenge on this day, so I downscaled and made a mindful corner instead.

What do we have here? This is my bedside table, which often reverts into a tower of half-read books, magazines and good intentions. I cleared them off. Placed the one book I was reading at the moment and had prioritised. I unplugged my iPhone charger and moved it to the opposite wall. I framed the beautiful colourwash and ink picture that kind fellow #CreativeSprint friend Delphine Baux had sent to me and I made a cup of herbal tea in my Waldo Pancake mug.

I have to say that night, I had a brilliant sleep and I should make an effort to do this more often.

The book comes highly recommended too. We are living in testing times. Those of us on the spectrum from outrage to disappointment regarding any upswing in prejudice and hatred can benefit greatly from the discussions in Richard Crisp's excellent short book. It describes very candidly why humans are prone to prejudice, using arguments from evolutionary biology and psychology; but also provides strong and reassuring evidence around the huge benefits of striving for diversity in society, in spite of the inherent challenges and obstacles. Good stuff. The next hurdle to overcome is: sharing this insight with those who do not feel the same or don't want to listen, in a way that will not further harden a fixed-mindset. That's considerably more challenging than transforming a room.