Day 223 of 365, 8 January 2017.IMG_8916

Prompt: mad-lib-esque.

The Fabled Chalice of Underwater Ballot fame.  I remember this prompt being a bit of a complicated head-scratcher, around getting help with substituting nouns and adverbs in an existing piece of text and then illustrating the results.

Before checking back, I couldn't remember the original source, but it looks very much like a Silicon Valley founders' story.*

That random replacement text in full, actually has an even more Messianic tone than the average Valley Founder's story.

"When we launched the underwater ballot, we didn’t even have the ability to bill our subjects!
Because the exchequer billed half-heartedly, we knew we had to find some unique modus to figure it out.
So we used the fabled chalice as an oracle to solve the more demanding conundrums that actually mattered in our Atlantis.
Up top, the aurora borealis could wait."

*Edit: It is in fact: from Re-work, by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

This was the (rather less grandiose) original version:

When we launched Basecamp, we didn’t even have the ability to bill customers! Because the product billed in monthly cycles, we knew we had a thirty-day gap to figure it out. So we used the time before launch to solve more urgent problems that actually mattered on Day One. Day 30 could wait.