London, June 2017. 

I’ve reached over the half-way point on recapping my Cup A Day recap and I finished the entire project on 1st June 2017.


I shall continue the blog, but while I ADORED making the original art projects, I am not really getting a lot of joy from blogging about them retrospectively, to be perfectly honest.  I don’t think that the terrible events we’ve been experiencing in the UK, together with the rather depressing political scene here have helped.  Spending less time online and more time with friends and loved ones feels like more of a priority.

To allow me time to get enthusiastic about this wonderful project again and give the work the attention and showcase it deserves, I’ve decided to take some time away from it.

You can browse through the second-half of the project on my personal Instagram account @kl.mcghee. I’m also having a play with Skull A Day challenge in June 2016, as a no-pressure creative release.

If you’d be interested in hearing what else I’m up to or to share pearls of wisdom on keeping a blog fresh and interesting for the reader and the writer, please do email me at

POSTBAG SPECIAL: Each month, I’ll be mailing out ONE one-of-a-kind Cup giveaway to one lucky person who has contacted me by email during the month.

I shall draw the first one at the end of June. All you have to do is email and say hi (and not be a spammer). If you’re the lucky one, I’ll write back for your address.

Exciting, hey? Real human contact. It’s what makes the world go round.