Day 139 of 365, 17 October 2016

Prompt: record something decaying.

Two cup-themed posts today, one for the #CreativeSprint and one for #Make365.

Stop. Collaborate and Listen. The need for speed prompted me to use ice.

It took 2 hours to melt, condensed to 20s video.  Sound 🔊 on, if you dare.
Brace yourself. Yo VIP.

I guess there was no real excuse for the choice of music; other than for my own amusement and maybe for representing the decaying of the soul. The 90s were formative years for me, but by pretty shocking on the music front, it has to be said.  The much-mocked Vanilla Ice  (Robert Van Winkle, I do feel obliged to remind you of his government name) also made a very bad film called ‘Cool As Ice’. It is completely unwatchable, even as a joke.