Day 100 of 365, 8 September 2016IMG_0006

Prompt: I crowdsourced this one via followers of my Instagram account.

I had a lot of generous input from people, which I’ve kept to help with future prompts. I chose this one of many super ideas from Sherri (@Sheynapunim_) because, cucumbers are always a fun vegetable (yes, yes, officially a fruit, I know!) to work with and green is one of my favourite colours. I also weaved in @a.zankful.t ‘s suggestion for some carving. Carving is always a good idea.

I like the fresh look and I made it in my kitchen at home on a sunny September morning.

A hearty centennial thank you to everyone who responded and got involved and has ever ‘liked’ one of my cups on Instagram.  This was the first time that I had asked for virtual involvement in this project on Instagram and won’t be the last.

Thanks for not leaving me hanging… and helping Cup A Day to be as cool as…

Hop over to here and have look at the video montage.