Day 93 of 365, 1 September 2016

Prompt: Write a letter to yourself at another time in your life (past or future).

A great prompt to start up a new month and usher-in the closing three months of what had been a challenging year.  

I chose to look forward for this prompt and I recommend doing this as a very calming and reflective exercise. 

Thankfully, I have a few years to go before I reach this milestone birthday, but just pausing and thinking about some of the concrete changes you are expecting and what might be your longer term priorities, is very useful. No need to peer into tealeaves.

It’s much nicer to do this for yourself, over a friendly cup of tea, rather than a more serious encounter with an interview panel or another formal situation.

A word on the art ensemble: Cath Kidston mug, Lavender tea from Mayfield Lavender Farm and my adorable little red Stump teapot.

I can’t remember precisely what I wrote, but it will have included some advice, no doubt, about worrying less and working sustainably, at a more comfortable pace; not sweating the small stuff. I was almost tempted to open the letter to check, but decided against it. It felt authentic at the time, so I need to trust myself.  Indeed, since writing it, there have been some difficult choices and situations to face and I feel that I have dealt with them much more calmly after completing this exercise.  Try it.

Also: get yourself a Stump teapot. You will not regret it.