This is the permanent home for my project CupADay ☕️  a daily creative challenge, which started 1 June 2016.

It’s a year-long #make365 project, inspired by Noah Scalin’s fantastic workbook: 365 A Daily Creativity Journal, which you should definitely check out.

Each day: using a prompt from the book or something topical, I make, draw or construct a new piece of art featuring or inspired by a cup.  

I started compiling this blog at the end of December 2016, seven months into the project.  It documents my progress from the start of the project in June 2016 and the inspirations behind each piece of work.

You can follow me on Instagram to check out the most recent pieces.  The main project will draw to a close on 7 June 2017, but this blog will continue after this until all the cups are logged and written up.

My Instagram is @kl.mcghee and I use the hashtag #CupADay☕️.  

To keep pace with blog posts, keep an eye on @CupADay_365


Want to see all the cups on this blog so far, in one place?

No problem: check out this gallery page.




I hope you feel inspired to start and better still, share your own daily creative project.  The benefits are enormous.

You might notice a few little glitches on the site.  It’s only to be expected and sometimes the Internet is just plain weird.  If you are a normal human being trying to learn something new using limited resources, you need to tolerate a few irritating mistakes in order to move forward. 

Got a fix or a bright idea? Message me. I’m all ears 👍.