This is the new permanent home for my project CupADay ☕️  a daily creative challenge, which I started 1 June 2016.

This is a year-long #make365 project, inspired by Noah Scalin’s fantastic workbook: 365 A Daily Creativity Journal, which you should definitely check out.

Each day: I make, draw or construct a new piece of art featuring or inspired by a cup.  

I started putting this blog together at the end of December 2016, seven months into the project.  I am going right back to the start in June 2016: to reflect, to document my progress and the inspirations behind each piece of work.

Follow me on Instagram to check out the most recent work.  My Instagram is @kl.mcghee and I use the hashtag #CupADay☕️.  

To keep pace with new blog posts, keep an eye on @CupADay_365

Want to see all the cups on this blog so far, in one place?

No problem: check out this gallery page.



I hope you feel inspired to start and better still, share your own daily creative project.  The benefits are enormous.

You might notice a few little glitches on the site. It’s to be expected and sometimes the Internet is just plain weird.  If you are a normal human being trying to learn something new, you need to tolerate a few irritating mistakes in order to move forward. 

Got a fix or a bright idea? Message me. I’m all ears 👍.